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Did you ever wanted to know what your computer got used for, if you are away?
Or do you want to verify your kids secure, whenever they keep browsing the world wide web?
Do you need to get any typed password or web-address logged,
without having former access to the computer's operating system?
Here is your solution: Strokey

Strokey is able to...

  • get installed in seconds
  • stay invisible in the background
  • log every keypress on the target computer

    To install Strokey there isn't any need to install software components,
    nor do you need any special access rights to the target computer.
    Instead it's just like plug-and-play without involving the computer's inner life.

    You can order Strokey either as a separate device which could get connected between an
    existing PS2 keyboard and the target computer, or you may order an ordinary looking
    keyboard, which has the device ready build in. Just replace with the target computer's
    keyboard and you could start logging.

    And the cream of the crop:
    all schematics and sources are GPL-licensed and available for free!

    So why should you hesitate?
    Head to the product page and get such a great device now!
    If you still have questions, feel free to contact us anyway.

    strokey v2.0206 with 1MB Flash

    Just as the devil's greatest trick was convincing man he didn't exist,
    the greatest advantage of keystroke-logging hardware is that software
    threats have made everyone forget about it. These innocuous-looking
    devices, when placed between a keyboard and a PC or embedded in keyboards,
    can record thousands of keystrokes, and average users are unlikely to discover
    them. Every keystroke, from Backspace to Delete, appears in their logs.

    Sean Carroll, Security Watch Report, www.pcmag.com

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